Making compelling demonstrations of how your product can help prospects overcome their challenges by effectively using proof devices. The sales demonstration is a time-proven strategy that strengthens the presentation by attracting the prospect’s attention, stimulating interest, and creating desire. Few do it better than those working in home improvement. Several years ago, I attended a […]

Efficient and effective onboarding is the key to shaping a promising new hire into a productive member of your sales team. Yet, some sales managers fail to onboard new sales reps effectively, leaving it as a mere formality or even as an inconvenience to get through as soon as possible. Others try to overload a […]

 I just wrapped up day one of a three day sales training program for the sales team here at Sands China. They manage four different hotel brands here in Macau. One of the things we focused on first thing this morning, was the importance of having the right attitude. The mindset around sales. So many […]

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