Human Resources Magazine recently published the article ‘A Lesson in Corporate Training‘ where they tapped the minds of HR leaders in the region to study the coming trends and developments in the learning and development (L&D) arena. One of those leaders included a client of ours in the insurance industry. “…Yesterday’s corporate training was about […]

If you missed the Synergy Networking Marathon I took part in the other week, you can catch the tips I shared on networking effectively using social media at the video above. The event saw 10s of thought leaders share their networking tips from live in Singapore to viewers across the globe. It was all hosted by the […]

To be successful in sales, you need to make connections—but not just with your existing customers. This is where networking comes in. Networking can help you generate business leads and get feedback on your products or services. The most important parts of networking are, first, just getting out there and making yourself known— letting the world […]

A job in sales is one of the most in demand and least filled positions in Singapore. So if you’re looking for a job that lets you meet lots of new people, often allows flexibility to set your own hours and the chance to make more money the better you preform, look no further than a […]

Besides the fact that all 3 were in Singapore last week, what Brian Tracy, Gurmit Singh and Boy Abunda all have in common is that they are celebrities in their own right. Don’t know who they all are? That’s ok, because they have each created their own niche and amassed a following of dedicated fans. I […]

Identifying people as prospects (prospecting) is a very important aspect of selling. You qualify prospects by asking three questions. I call these the 3 ‘As’ of qualifying: Do they have a need for your product? (ASK) Do they have the ability to pay for your product? (AFFORD) Do they have the authority to purchase your […]

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