Engaging in personal and / or professional development activities will help develop your ‘expert power’. I want to take a moment to applaud you for investing your time in reading this blog entry. By doing so, you’re taking a step towards developing yourself professionally. This is a step that says “I’m investing time in reading […]

Having conversations with prospects to discover their greatest challenges, why and how they buy, whom they buy from, and what solutions they’re looking for. It’s so common for soho entrepreneurs to develop products and services they’re certain will appeal to their customers. The only problem is, they never bothered to ask their customers first! Before […]

Accurately detecting your niche and creating a list of qualifying questions to accurately identify prospective customers. As much as you might want to believe that your products will benefit everyone, the truth is, not everyone feels the same way you do. In fact, it may only be a very small segment of the market, and […]

These days, there’s a lot of data available to us to help us make educated decisions and to help us plan for the future including customer relationship management software (CRM). However, one of the problems is that many salespeople fail to enter their data into the company’s CRM. It’s understandable, as data entry can be […]

Creating a needs assessment to accurately understand your prospective customers’ needs and position you as someone who can provide solutions. Many of us make the mistake of trying to sell our products or services (prescriptions) before fully understanding our prospects’ most pressing challenges (symptoms). Could you imagine your doctor handing you a prescription before taking […]

Focusing on the future and how to improve rather than focusing on past mistakes and failures. Over the years, people have given me feedback, both negative and positive, on my group sales coaching program and one-on-one sales coaching. These have been opportunities for me to learn what my customers really need and make improvements within […]

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