What if I told you I was the best motivational speaker in Singapore? Sounds pretty arrogant right? Now what if I told you a general manager from a financial services company in Australia who hired me to deliver the keynote at their annual conference 2 weeks ago said: [Tom Abbott] has to be one of […]

Good morning from Bangkok, Thailand. It’s been an exciting 2 days bringing the Soco Selling methodology to a team of Thai speaking sales representatives in Bangkok. Our Thai sales trainer Sasivee has done a wonderful job engaging the team with funny stories and activities. Just check out this video of her telling a funny story […]

Ever talked yourself out of a sale? There’s a good chance you weren’t listening to your customer. Too many people think it’s their role to do all of the talking so they can sell their product or service. In reality what ends up happening is they talk themselves out of the sale because they don’t […]

There’s nothing like a quick sales tip in the form of a motivational sales quote image to put a bit of a pep in your step. Here are 20 of our favourite sales quotes. “If You Believe You Will Fail Or Succeed You’re Right” motivational sales quote by Henry Ford The harder you work the luckier you […]

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