Hang Out with Superstars! Who do you align yourself with? People who complain about everything (because nothing is their fault), or people determined to make a difference in the world? Winners or whiners? Whiners always look for external blame while winners look after internal responsibility. So it’s better to hang out with winners! The […]

 Will you be joining us on Thursday? Hey guys! It’s Tom here! And I am so excited for our upcoming sales workshop on consultative selling. This is our signature program SOCO/ Consultative Selling Workshop. We’ve got people from different industries, different companies who are all coming together for this one day to learn and […]

What Are You Doing During Your Commute? Hey guys! It’s Tom here! And I’m on my way back to the office from a morning meeting that I had. I’m in the car and I’ve just been listening to one of my favourite podcasts and it got me wondering, how do you spend your time on […]

 Be a Lifelong Learner If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you. We have to be lifelong learners. Learning never ends. Things change, there are new regulations, compliance, tax laws, things keep changing. So we always have to be […]

 I just wrapped up day one of a three day sales training program for the sales team here at Sands China. They manage four different hotel brands here in Macau. One of the things we focused on first thing this morning, was the importance of having the right attitude. The mindset around sales. So many […]

Go Big or Go Home Make sure whatever you’re trying, that you reach a large number of your ideal target audience. It doesn’t make sense to go to a networking event when there’s only 3 people. It doesn’t make sense to do Facebook ads but you’re so cheap you only put a dollar in and […]

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